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Arestin Scaling and Root Planing in Maspeth

With the progression of periodontal disease, pockets between the teeth and gums get deeper and more damaging over time. While more extensive cleanings involving scalings and root planings can remove some of the accumulated plaque and debris, it’s often not enough to support sufficient healing. To further reduce the presence of harmful bacteria where dental instruments can’t reach, local antibiotic therapy with ARESTIN® (minocycline HCL) Microspheres can help.

An excellent adjunct to care

According to studies, applying ARESTIN to periodontal pockets reduces bacteria more than 2x as much as scaling and root planing alone. It also supports more significant reductions in pocket depth as tissue healing occurs. When administered at the time of a scaling and root planing procedure, ARESTIN (minocycline HCI) Microspheres are deposited via a small syringe at the base of each pocket. As the minocycline microspheres dissolve and resorb, the antibiotic slowly releases throughout the pocket and into the tissues.

Improved treatment outcomes

Local, targeted antibiotic therapy with ARESTIN works over an extended period to offer more protection and improved results for adults with periodontitis.