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Dental Insurance Information

Insurance Information

If you have dental insurance, that’s excellent news for your dental health -- and for your wallet. Maspeth Dental accepts many dental insurance plans, so you can receive the quality dentistry you deserve without stretching your budget to its limits. Take some time to learn about how dental insurance works, then call our office directly to find out if we accept your plan. You can reach us at(718) 513-9711. Our friendly staff looks forward to discussing how we can help you take advantage of your dental insurance, for the sake of healthier teeth and gums!

Find Out If Your Plan Is In-Network

When you contact Maspeth Dental to discuss your insurance coverage, we will first find out whether or not our practice is in-network with your provider. What does “in-network” mean? Dental insurance works the same way as your medical insurance in that respect. An in-network dentist in someone who has come to an agreement with your insurance provider to provide certain services at a discounted rate. A dentist who is out-of-network has not contracted with the insurance provider. But certain plans -- like PPOs, or preferred provider organizations -- offer more choice and the ability to move around without as many network limitations. A doctor who is out-of-network may still accept your PPO plan. 

An Ounce of Prevention

Because preventive dental care is the number one way to prevent larger, more costly oral health issues, like tooth decay and gum disease, your dental insurance plan should completely cover the basics of preventive dentistry. That means a six month checkup and cleaning, with annual x-rays, and possibly fluoride treatments and/or dental sealants, too. Necessary restorative treatments, like fillings or root canals, may receive partial coverage.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

To take full advantage of your dental insurance plan, contact your insurance provider directly to find out exactly how your plan works. If you are covered through your employer, you can also learn information about your coverage from your company’s human resources department. Prepare a list of questions beforehand to better help you understand how your plan works.

Some things you may want to ask about your dental insurance benefits include…

  • What services am I completely covered for? What treatments receive partial coverage?
  • Who is covered under my plan? Are other family members eligible, too?
  • Do I have a deductible? If so, do I have to meet it before I receive coverage for preventive care?
  • Do I have an annual maximum, or a limit on how much you will pay for care every year?
  • Is my insurance plan set on a calendar year? When do my benefits expire?