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People who have dental insurance are more likely to undergo the regular preventive care that leads to a lifetime of healthy smiles. Maspeth Dental accepts a number of dental insurance plans, and we are happy to be the Delta Dental dentist in Maspeth, NY.

About Delta Dental

Whether you are covered individually or through your employer, Delta Dental is a well-trusted provider of dental insurance benefits for people in the United States. The group covers 34.5 million enrollees -- and with a wide range of coverage options and a nationwide network, Delta Dental is a wise choice for anyone looking for dental insurance benefits.

It is easy to make the most out of your insurance plan when you know how it works and where to begin. Get started today!

We Are Your In-Network Dentist

The first step to maximizing on your dental insurance plan is to choose a dental practice that is in-network with your Delta Dental plan. That’s not difficult for a group as large as Delta -- and Maspeth Dental is pleased to be your provider in our area.

Being in-network with an insurance provider means we have come to an agreement to provide care at a certain discounted rate. You pay any money that is not completely covered by your insurance at the time of your appointment, and we receive the full payment after we file a claim. Maspeth Dental will take care of all paperwork and claims, so you there is absolutely no guesswork on your end.

Find Out What Benefits You Are Eligible For

You will need to register for Online Services with Delta Dental to learn the details of your plan, including who is covered and what services you are eligible for. You can access this information again and again after you set up an account.

Once you know the details of your coverage, contact Delta Dental to schedule an appointment. There are no cards or membership statements to keep up with. When you come into the office, simply supply us with your name, birthdate, and social security number (or your enrollee number). Dependents provide the details of the primary enrollee.

After your appointment or whenever you need to check the details of your account, log onto your account to check your electronic statements.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Undergoing regular preventive dental care is the secret to enjoying your healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime to come. Your Delta Dental insurance plan should fully cover two checkups and cleanings as well as a set of x-rays each year. Take advantage of these benefits for continued oral and overall health!

When was your last visit to the dentist? If you are overdue for your routine dental care, do not wait to get back on track. Contact Maspeth Dental to schedule an appointment or to discuss the details of your Delta Dental insurance coverage today!